I’m proud to present you a friends of me, Nick on guitar, Clive on Keyboard, Scott on Drums, and Peter on Bass and additionnal Keyboard.

PENDRAGON – Breaking a spell

A rare Moment, Nick on the public for sing this beautiful song “2 AM”

The Voyager, a real music somethings who take your Spirit and your body for a long travel

It’s only me – all is in this Title…

Not of this world – one of my favorite- a long guitar riff, and other things so 🙂

If I Were The Wind…

“Si j’étais le vent et toi la pluie, je sècherais tes larmes d’un souffle, j’ouvrirai grande mes ailes et t’emporterai tout là-haut dans le ciel pour te montrer l’immensité de mon amour…”
certainement les plus émouvantes paroles de chanson que j’ai jamais entendu, mais c’est juste mon avis.

the black Knight – (Intense)

Shane – (a Pink Floyd sound)

Am I Really Losing You? – what’s interrogation ….

Ghosts – (a Genesis sound)

The Edge of the World – It’s begining same a Ballad, with acoustic guitar, and after we go with a long cry of guitar…emotionnal

This Green And Pleasant Land – album Passion (2011)
Perhaps A New Yorker sound, but ecellent

Passion – On the eponym album (2011)

Prayer – un immense cri d’amour (1991)


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